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WeMos D1 Mini Schematic Diagram

The schematic diagram for the ESP8266 WeMos D1 Mini board:


Some notes on the schematic:

  • The voltage regulator is a ME6211 which has a maximum input voltage of 6.5 V. This input pin is directly wired to the 5V pin which means you can power the WeMos D1 Mini at a maximum of 6.5 V.
  •  A 0.5 A fuse connects the 5V pin and the USB VBUS. 0.5A or 500 mA is the maximum output current from desktop computer USBs. Using a higher current external power supply through the microUSB will not give higher current to the WeMos D1.
  • The USB-serial chip is a CH 340G. For interfacing problems with USB, download the CH340 driver.
  • There is an external  4MB flash memory communicating with the ESP8226 through SPI.
  • Deep sleep solder joint connects RST to GPIO16.

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