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Using a PCB Solder Mask

How to Use Solder Mask

If you are building your own printed circuit board (PCB), you most likely encounter problems where solder goes where it’s not supposed to go. The worst scenario is when dealing with closely spaced solder tracks and pads; one wrong move and you’ll end up shorting connections with solder. The answer …

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What is a Soldering Station?

Soldering station

A soldering station refers to a device that includes the soldering iron, desoldering tools, and hot air guns among others. This definition is not strict; some refer to the soldering station as the temperature-controlled soldering iron. Some also call the fixed-temperature soldering iron as a station. Simply put, a soldering …

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Soldering Flux for Electronics

Soldering flux

Why Is Soldering Flux Needed? Solder will have a hard time bonding into oxidated metals. Oxidation is a chemical process wherein oxygen in the air reacts with a metal, making the latter corrode. The rusting of iron is an example of oxidation. Moreover, oxidation accelerates at high temperatures which means …

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Soldering Wires Tutorial

Soldering wires

One common skill in project making is soldering wires together. Splicing wires together is never safe enough especially when dealing with smaller gauge wires, which is the common scenario with building microcontroller projects. Soldering wires after splicing ensures that the connection will stay strong.

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